On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I take great pleasure to invite all of you to the 3rd World Martial Arts Games (WMAG) and  
Prominent Masters Seminar to be held in Ahmedabad, India from 4th October to 10th October 2017.  

The 3rd World Martial Arts Games is hosted by the Martial Arts Authority of Assam (Recognized by the NYK-Ministry of Youth  
Affairs and Sports - Govt. of India), Organized by the Martial Arts Authority of India ( Proud Member of the Martial Arts  
Association - International) and Supported by the World Sports Martial Arts Council - USA.
We assure you that the 3rd World Martial Arts Games will provide a unique opportunity to all martial arts sports persons to  
exchange their experiences, techniques and new ideas and cherish long lasting friendship among each other. We will do our best  
to provide you with a pleasant, memorable and enjoyable stay in India.

Heartly Welcome to Incredible India!

Dr. Raju Newar
President, Organizing Committee
Dr. Raju Newar
Organizing Committee
World's Most Comprihensive Traditional Martial Arts Games
04-10 October 2017
Martial Artists
Nations Invited
Competitions in Traditional, Contemporary, Internal & Combat Divisions
Every year the MAAI recognizes the outstanding individuals who have contributed to the  
continued growth of our Arts whether through teaching, promoting competitions and events,  
volunteering or competing as an athlete. They have demonstrated remarkable achievements  
and promoted excellence in their respective field. MAAI is pleased to recognize these  
individuals and their efforts. They have helped our community grow tremendously for the last  
Technical Seminar by Prominent Masters
The main purpose of this Seminar is to improve the knowledge of the Martial Arts in the  
academic angle and to make unity among the Martial Arts Instructors and Associations
Incredible India
Host Country
Martial Arts Association - International
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Hall of Fame
Martial Arts Authority of India feel  pleasure in introducing the  
seekers about the Hall of Fame and its remarkable activities  
around the globe. Every year it gears up and organizes various  
noticeable events in a broad spectrum to pep up the enthusiasm of  
those who are devoted to  Martial Arts.
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